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Net Net App

App Summary

Net nets are an investing phenomenon that should not be possible if you listen to the academics and believe in efficient markets. Net nets are a set of stocks that outperform the market averages consistently. A lot has been written about them, there's like a hundred years of data on netnets. So I built a net net app...

Australian Citizenship Tests

App Summary

Australian Citizenship Tests was written to prepare prospective Australian citizens for their upcomming citizenship tests.

Zaprite Python Client


Zaprite is a bitcoin first payments processor. The zaprite python client is a python tool to interface with the zaprite api and useful for websites built using the python flask or django frameworks.


There's a gold rush in indie hacker land: Boilerplates. People love building and selling boilerplates. It's kinda hard to know what is what here... which is why I've started building allboilerplates. It's a directory website where you can find the right boilerplate for your needs. There's a lot to do for the project, next step is figuring out how to add in all the data...